I'm a with 20+ years of experience on OpenVMS primarily in COBOL, C, and a few other more exotic languages (like VAX Scan, TPU). I've worn many other hats including webmaster, hostmaster, postmaster, system manager, network manager, etc.

Since about 2002, I've been developing in Java and Groovy, primarily developing web applications and web services. In some cases, developing web services to integrate with COBOL back-ends living on OpenVMS.

I currently live in Defiance, Ohio and work for the Northwest Ohio Computer Assn on the SSDT project. I occasionally do part-time consulting, web design or application development.


The previous incarnation of this site used Drupal. I like Drupal fine, but it was overkill for this simple (mostly neglected) site. So I built this version using JBake to generate and publish static content. I choose JBake because it was based on the JVM and I was already familiar with Bootstrap and Groovy templates. The sources are on Github at

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